Two ways to Dry your clothes that don't blow

Your woolies and winter gear is out and that means that you will soon be hang-drying a lot of your clothes.  This is not only kind to your clothes but also to the environment  (standard dryers create about 4.4 lbs of CO2 per load).  Not everyone has the availability or the inclination to use an outdoor clothesline and drying clothes in small NYC spaces can be difficult.  

With all that in mind, here are two products (not your parent's drying rack) that provide space-and-energy efficient ways to hang dry your clothes in your small space.  I use both of these and they do a fantastic job of economizing space and both very efficient.

Fold-Away Drying Rack


This clever rack, provides 14 linear feet of hanging space for your garments. It also features an integrated stainless steel towel bar, making it perfect for mounting over a bathtub. The best part, when you are not using it, as the name indicates, it fold out of the way for easy storage.  Available at The Container Store for $34.99.

Folding Sweater Dryer


This one offers a nice, large mesh surface for fast drying, yet folds in half for easy storage. The offset legs swivel so it can be used on a countertop or across a tub. Multiples can be stacked for larger drying needs.  I recommend that you buy two and dedicate one for dark color sweater and another for light color sweaters (to prevent dye transfer).  Available at OXO for $15.99.






Posted on October 3, 2013 .