Roll + Restore

spine  focus (the neck and the back)

SUNDAY, MARCH 24, 2019 - 1:00 PM to 3:00 PM

CRS - The Healing Room - 123 4th Ave  - Union Square Area


[sold out - waiting list registration below]


Is your upper back tight and consistently achy? Are your shoulders consistently hunched? Do you find yourself slumping forward, unable to stand up straight for more than a few minutes? In this special Spine edition of Roll+Restore you will learn techniques that involve therapeutic yoga postures, core strengthening exercises and self massage using rubber balls to decompress tight fascia around your neck and your back. You can incorporate these techniques in your fitness routine to obtain true well being working with your body.  You will feel physically, emotionally and mentally better.

Looking, feeling, and being your better self, requires far more than just working out and eating well.  Without embodied self-awareness, you’ll not only never enjoy the physical results you want, but you’ll also never experience the inner space that leads to peace and joy.  Roll+Restore combines Eduardo’s sixteen-plus years of practice in wellness, yoga and engineering to access this embodied self-awareness.  The workshop takes the best aspects of Biomechanical Alignment Principles, Therapeutic Yoga, Bodymind Ballwork© and Metaphysics to experience a unique and holistic approach to understanding your body.  Students who’ve attended this workshop leave feel empowered to access deep understanding of their physical, mental and emotional state. They leave feeling “taller,” “brighter,” “relaxed” and “younger” (yep, these are their words).  

*contraindications: this techniques aren’t recommended if you are pregnant, have had a recent spine surgery or herniated disk.  Please ask if you aren’t sure.

** Limited Space to 7 students, reserve your space by registering today.

SOLD OUT - at this moment there isn’t a spot available, but if you submit your name and e-mail, I can add you to the waiting list for any opening (and you’ll be in the know for future dates)

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October 2019- Gowanus