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Ordering Essential Oils

My personal choice for therapeutic grade essential oils is Young Living.   I tried many brands available in health food stores, but I found these essential oils to be the best in quality and I trust their extraction methods.

Ordering is a two step process:

1) You decide if you want  to become a Retail Member or Wholesale Member .

Wholesale Members:  You Select a ONE Time Only Starter Kit (think membership fee)– After that you will Pay Wholesale Prices – 24 % Discount On All Current And Future Orders – Select “Independent Distributor” at Check Out from the link below.

Retail Members: NO Starter Kit – You will Pay Retail Prices – Select “Retail Customer” at Check Out in the link below.

2) Place your order:

  • Call Young Living order entry1-800-371-3515 (toll-free Canada & US). When signing up, please give number 1090505 as the sponsor to the entry operator.
  • Go to Click on Membership Sign Up . When signing up please enter 1090505 as the sponsor and enroller number. Choose Independent Distributor or Retail Customer. And you are all set.

If you have Questions send me an e-mail.