Curiosity (galactic awareness in the everyday life)

As season moves us into darker days, I feel that my innate curiosity starts to move me inside.  I am sure we all feel those moments where we want to explore areas of ourselves that we don't know anything about (whether because we are afraid to know or because we never thought about it before).  Our curiosity is a springboard, a launching pad for that leap of faith into the unknown.  What would happen if you bring your awareness into new territories the experience of life?  

That is exactly what scientist did in 1996.  They pointed the Hubble Space Telescope at one of those dark patches in space.  The result: one of the most important images ever taken. Where we as humans saw nothing, there were galaxies — more than 3,000 of them. And when we looked more deeply, our field of view expanded to more than 100 billion galaxies.  Next time you are curious, you are afraid, you don't know, point the telescope of your own attention.  You'll never know what you may find.



Posted on October 24, 2013 and filed under inspiration, Meditation, Spirituality.