Karma is gonna get you (good Karma, that is)

I was browsing through my YJ (Yoga Journal Magazine), and found a very practical piece on Karma by Sally Kempton.   Yes, I get YJ for the articles! There are many deep and fascinating ways to explain Karma and how this Eastern Philosophy concept affect our everyday life.  I feel that these type of concepts should be digested individually and their understanding should be drawn from personal experience.  However the article was so inspiring, I just want to present it in the most practical & physical way: for every action we apply in our lives, there is a reaction.

These are some good Karma practices,  extracted from yoga traditions, that can shift your day-to-day positive attitude.  It may sound cynical and almost impossible to stay  with a positive attitude all the time, but here is where fake-it-till-you-make- it philosophy can come in handy.  In other words,  just as your attitude can shape your actions, you can, through your actions,  re-shape your attitude.

1- Start the day with a positive intention: it is your intention so make it count for you.  As an example, you can start the day with something like, "I am present on my actions and my actions will serve those around me," or " Today, I will be an instrument of the Universe's joy," etc.   At the end of the day don't forget to notice how your intention shaped your day.

2-Act for the good of others.  Certain acts and thoughts create positive impressions in your mind.  These imprints result in positive life experiences.  So go ahead and DO something kind everyday:  as simple as picking up trash along the sidewalk, donating to a charity or helping a stranger on the streets.   Notice how the act makes you feel.

3-Make an offering.  We are surrounded by abundance in our personal life, however when we feel lacking, we tend to engage in negative patterns.  One solution to these tendencies is the practice of offering your positive actions to the benefit of others.   When you observe how your positive actions are beneficial to others, you can stay motivated to act positively.

Posted on March 7, 2012 and filed under Spirituality, Uncategorized, Yoga.