Incorporate Movement in your Day and Feel Great

A lot of times we may find ourselves trying to find the time in a busy day to incorporate physical activities.  A lot of times we may think that a formal setting is the only way to bring those precious calorie burning experiences in our life.  Yes, a visit to the gym, going to a fitness class, or spending time with a personal trainer  have tons of benefits; however we have lots of other ways to incorporate physical activities during the day.  We love excuses, the balance game is to try to meet a busy day with creative alternatives to traditional  exercise.  Nature is never lacking, so here are some ideas to incorporate in you life:

  • If you are bound to a desk or spend lots of time driving around. Make a commitment to get up from your desk or out of your car at least once every hour and walk around a building, walk up or downstairs, find a parking area and walk – whatever you have convenient to you.

  • On your lunch break, go for a walk instead of sitting in the cafeteria.

  • When possible, walk or bike to work/the store/your friend’s house instead of driving. Often we automatically get behind the steering wheels of our car without realizing places are close enough to walk to.

  • Make a date to walk or bike with friends, instead of going for coffee or drinks. You can still do all the talking you want, but you’ll be burning calories and getting fitter by moving around. If you don’t want to give up your coffee or drinks, meet up on the other side of town and walk to your destination.

  • Instead of ordering in – cook. standing in the kitchen, walking from your fridge to the stove can all burn more calories than sitting on the couch waiting for the pizza guy to ring the doorbell. Extra points if you go out to the garden to get some fresh herbs. Not to mention, you can cook a much healthier meal.

Just keep your eyes peeled to the endless opportunities to incorporate movement in your day.

Posted on February 7, 2012 and filed under Uncategorized.