A Veggie Keeper worth Keeping

So you've decided to start planning your meals and prepping your food ahead of time. Yay!  You're pump, you head to your local market and, of course, get tons of veggies, you're in it to win it!  

Then after a few days your enthusiasm gets beaten down by spoiled berries and  wilted spinach leaves.  Part of engineering the lifestyle that you deserve, is planning for those moments that may set you back.  In the scenario above, as part of prepping your food, doing a little research on how to keep vegetables fresh, specially the green leafy ones,  longer may be the key to keep you on track to a healthy eating path.

In terms of making  your fresh vegetables last longer and help your pocket, Progressive International's Prepworks Fresh Fruit & Veggie Keeper is hands down the best thing I've added to my prep routine in the last decade.  I attest that this container not only extend the life of produce, but because unlike the crowded produce drawer or opaque containers, these clear vessels display your produce in a way that makes it even more enticing! And yes, these are BPA-free.  It is especially useful for highly perishable produce, including dark leafy greens, lettuces, and fresh herbs, berries, and grapes. I’ve also used them for sprouts.  Did I mention that it also serves as a colander and it comes with a divider?  It is like kitchen sorcery, I tell you.  

No excuses go and get your greens!