What is Ephemeralization and how it affects your yoga practice?

Ephemeralization, is a term coined by Buckminster Fuller. He believed that technological advancement would one day allow humans to do “more and more with less and less until eventually you can do everything with nothing.”  This concept is relatively easy to grasp with digital technology, where the mass and volume of hardware has gotten increasingly small, while the computational capabilities have gotten gigantic.

To better understand how Ephemeralization applies to other realms, we suggest checking out the above video by dMass

Ephemeralization is vastly used in computer science, professional organization and material design, but we as consumers are also making a shift in the way we use our resource to create a more efficient way to experience life.  Think about it: one shared car might serve ten people, reducing material and space used; or one transforming bed/sofa might convert a bedroom into an office, reducing the materials needs required to have two separate rooms.  Yoga have also been applying this concept for centuries.  Chance are that if you practice yoga for a long time, you can eventually hold poses for a longer time with less effort, til eventually you can do a 90 minute class with ease because you no longer need to "kill" every pose, you can simply embrace the moment and the shape of each pose. 

Ephemeralization is a way of approaching life, seeing how the things we have do achieve the most using the least amount of effort. 


Posted on July 11, 2014 .