Organizing your accessories en Español

A few weeks ago Nadia Torres from Telemundo NY - Channel 47 News stopped at The Container Store, where I help people stay organized, and asked me some fun question about how to keep your summer accessories organized. You can watch the TV segment in the above video.  Even if you don't speak Spanish you can get that if you keep items visible and accessible you are on the right track.

Most of the accessories we discussed were women's, but guys have stuff too! With father' day's extra ties and belts around,  I thought it would be worth to spell out some of the tips I shared with Nadia about keeping men's accessories off the floor and organized.


Ties & Belts

Ensure the investment made in neckties and belts is properly protected by keeping them organized (and off the floor). Choose a solution that allows you to organize them to hang full length for a quick grab each morning.

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They’re not just for taking out to the ballgame. Ballcaps have become a staple accessory for casual days, workouts and weekends — and there’s always “just the right hat” depending on your mood. It’s important to keep your favorite hats easily accessible, the shape protected and free from dust. Find a small unused vertical space in your closet or even on the back of your door to store and organize your entire ballcap collection.

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