Toilet Yoga? Top 3 Movements for Relief

I had been working for several month on creating a sequence for anyone that can't never find a time to be alone, except maybe in the bathroom...  I was so serious about this that I had totally missed the joke.  Thank goodness I found this funny article in Yoga Dork. Toilet Yoga? Top 3 Movements for Relief.

we’ve come up with our own Top Toilet Yoga Movements for Relief!* Read at your leisure.

1. The Classic: Chair pose, aka Hover-asana, aka Utka-don’t you sit down that’s nasty-asana. Doubly great for firing up the legs after sitting for long periods of time, and avoiding butt cheek contact with icktastic facilities. Fierce.

2. Intermediate: Puppy Dog Fire Hydrant. Place hands on counter or sink and walk feet back under hips. Work up to fire hydrant by lifting leg back into Warrior 3 or opening up the raised leg to Half Moon. Can also be done in bathroom stall for ultimate privacy if you’re lucky to be somewhere with one-seaters like Starbucks. Beware other cranky toilet yogis waiting to practice.

3. Toilet Yoga Guru: Twisted Triko-stall-asana. One foot by the commode, the other diagonally placed. Walk hands up sides and door of stall and twist out your Triangle. Especially good for relief from hangovers, irritating co-workers and afternoon lull.

Warning: Deep breathing and inversions work wonders, but we advise avoiding headers at the head!

*yogis must wash hands before returning to work.


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