Aromatherapy for your yoga practice

Chances are that if you have been around me in the last several years, you have come in contact with  my aromatherapy experiments - I do apologize for the Summer of patchouli ; experiments do come with sacrifices.
I am not gonna try  to explain what makes Essential Oils and Aromatherapy such a unique and interesting form of alternative medicine, I'll let you explore the information on you own.  I can only tell you that  it has made my health a lot better since I started using them.
There are different ways to use essential oils, and they have a lot of emotional and esoteric properties attributed to essential oils,  however I will concentrate on the practical ways in which I  use them during my yoga practice.  Needless to say,  if you tend to have allergies or have a specific condition, consult with your doctor before exploring the wonderful benefits of essential oils.
Before and After your Yoga Practice
  • Preparing the space: Diffusing oils like lemon essential oil, grapefruit essential oil, Thieves® essential oil or Purification® essential oil before or in between yoga class will purify the air while bringing a refreshing, uplifting energy to the space.
  • Cleaning:  For cleaning your yoga mat, props and or the area where you practice, you can use my formula.    Thieves household cleaner is a great non-toxic-disinfectant alternative for those of you who don't enjoy the DIY projects.

During your Yoga Practice

  • Meditation (dhyana): Diffuse or directly inhale oils such as lavender essential oil can sooth your mind and senses to become more open.  I find the calming quality of lavender very useful in softening my heart and opening my mind to the experience of meditation.  By the way, lavender is like the baking-soda of essential oils; it can practically be used in all circumstances (and a little trivia, the term Aromatherapy was named after the use of lavender essential oil to treat burn victims- royalty! )
  • Breathing (pranayama): The pure aroma of essential oils such as eucalyptus essential oil can assist in opening the pathways of your respiratory system (pharmaceutical companies reproduce synthetically this chemicals, but can we really surpass nature's wisdom?).  If I wake up with a stuffy nose, I diffuse eucalyptus essential oil in the room.  I sometime do a face steam bath with one drop of  eucalyptus essential oil...this is a stronger application for more severe nasal congestion, but so effective - again consult with your doctor if you have any medical condition.
  • Poses (asana): Topical application of oil-diluted peppermint  essential oil may help alleviate muscle soreness and tension.  Make sure you dilute the essential oil in a carrier oil such as almond oil.  I sometime use  lavender essential oil  to decrease post-practice muscle irritation or yoga mat burns.

If you have any comments or questions, please let me know.   There is a lot of information available through the Young Living website, the company I get my essential oils from.   I also have various aromatherapists available for questions.

How to Order Organic & High Quality Essential Oils? I created an ordering essential oils page with easy steps to make it easy.  There are a lot of products market as essential oils, but therapeutic grade oils are the ones to use for Aromatherapy...after all there is aroma & therapy in Aromatherapy!!

Experience life...better.