Essential Exposure

I hope it's save to say that winter is gone; after veiling my skin for the last months with cold weather, bright lights, dry air and public transportation air, I am ready for a deep cleansing of my skin.   Scrubbing my skin is my way to polish and groom the shield that allows me to interact with the world and what better time to clean the skin than Spring (this can be done all year around though) A little nerdy facts, exfoliants cleanse deep within the pores and remove old flaky, surface skin.  In my research of essential oils’ health benefits, I’ve re-discover some simple exfoliants that work great for any skin type.  Different essential oils are used for different complexion types: dry skin – frankincense, oily skin – tea tree, sun damaged – sandalwood, etc, etc.  But there is an essential oils that works with all skin types and most skin conditions, that is lavender essential oil.  So without having to consult an aromatherapist or dermatologist, a lavender exfoliant can be a good start for most folks.  After some research and trial on my skin (no animals were scrubbed in this experiment), I am ready to share my favorite facial scrub.

A little safety note, essential oils, if you haven’t use them before, are in their majority steam-extracts of plant’s vital substances.  They are super concentrates of plants' super powers.  Essential oils are use in Aromatherapy, but despite the name, it is not the aroma that makes them work.  So when using essential oils on your skin, make sure you are using “therapeutic grade” essential oils.  I have never had any allergic  reaction with therapeutic grade essential oil, but every skin have different degrees of sensitivity so use your judgement when using any substance on your skin (a.k.a., no one here is a dermatologist so if you have sensitive skin, be careful)

This is what you need

1 part oatmeal, 1/3 part cornmeal (I have used sugar instead), 1/3 part lavender (the market at Union Square has a stand that sells lavender)

Essential oil:  lavender

I keep some next to my sink and often use it instead of soap.  All ingredients used are kitchen staples, minus the essential oil, so I make small amounts at time so it doesn’t spoil.  The exfoliant can be stored in a cover container so that it won’t dry out quickly.  I have used it after 20 days of storing without any problems.

This is what you do

Grind the ingredients together in an electric coffee grinder  or a mortar to a fine powder, and store it in a closed  glass container.  To use the scrub, make a paste using 1 teaspoon scrub powder and ½ teaspoon water with lavender essential oil.  Apply to a dampened face.  Gently scrub your face, and rinse with warm water.  You can also use this mixture as a mask by leaving it on for 10 minutes after you scrub.  Rise with room temperature water.

This scrub also tastes good, perhaps I can try cupcakes with the left usual if you have questions let me know.