Create your bolster substitute

I heard that there used to be a tradition, not sure where, in which a wife would construct a long cushy pillow out of bamboo and offer it to her husband  before he'd go on a trip.  They idea, was that he wouldn't feel so lonely at night.  This, I heard, is the story behind the name "Dutch Pillow," a cousin of the bolster.   I don't know if a bolster can truly replace a spouse, but it can sure make you feel supported when it matter the most: while relaxing in a restorative yoga pose. Chances are that if you practice any type of restorative yoga, your practice will be enhanced with a bolster, which is a great investment.  I really recommend having one at home.   However, if you don't have the space for one or if you don't have the inclination of adding a bolster to your collection of "let me try this," here is my way of faking one at home - I mean, if a wife can fake a bed companion for her husband, it is only fair...

I tried various versions of this bolsters substitute, this is the version that resembles the supported feeling of the bolsters you may encounter at a yoga studio.

Things you will need

2 bath towels

2 blocks or equal size hardcover books, such as Harry Potter (if traveling, hotels usually have handy books available)

1  heavy blanket - I used a Mexican style blanket


Here is what you do

Fold each towel in thirds lengthwise, then fold it into a rectangle over a block/book.  Fold the blanket into a quarter of its size, make sure that if the blanket has fringes, they stay to the same side.   Place one of the (block/book + towel) rolls lengthwise close to one of the short ends of the blanket, then place the second roll next to it.  Fold the blanket over the rolls as many times needed till there is no more blanket left to fold.

Listo, you got yourself a spouse substitute or a pet for your existing bolster!  Take it for a spin...there are many restorative yoga poses you can try now.

Posted on January 3, 2011 and filed under design, Living spaces, Yoga, yoga poses.