I resolve to intent

intention [inˈten ch ən]; noun:, aim, purpose, design, contemplation. At this time of the year I hear and read a lot about New Year’s resolutions.  Even though this concept is still foreign to me, I always find the transition time to a new calendar year a good opportunity to clarify my intentions.  Not necessarily my goals, but just my spiritual intentions or purpose.  One can do this just by taking simple actions that show the person one wants to be.

I remembered a New Year celebration years ago back at home, when my aunt Hilda right before midnight brought out a suitcase she had packed earlier that day and went out into the night to make sure the New Year would find her “traveling”.  She later explained that her wishes for the New Year were to travel abroad, so she was showing the New Year what she wanted.  I’ve always loved her demonstration of faith and this idea has always inspired me to try to behave in the way I want to be seen.  I am not advising we start packing suitcases (though I do remember aunt Hilda traveling to several countries that year); or hitting the gym at midnight on January 1st to confirm our resolution to get in shape (though I am thinking this would be a good time to find an empty treadmill in January).  What we can do to clarify our purpose in life is to acting out our intentions, and by doing so we become who we aspire to be or become inspire to re-design our intentions…Happy New Year.

Posted on December 28, 2010 and filed under Spirituality.