My Favorite Non-Things 2014

So what are Non-Things?  As part of my ministry of space, I help people manage their physical things though there are mental and spiritual things about this process too.  So I know there are A LOT of things out there.  Things that consume our space. Things that distract us from experiencing life better.  So Non-Things don't take space from your home, they don't end up in a box in the closet, they don't break or end up in a landfill somewhere.

This year, I have gathered the coolest and bestest Non-Things gift ideas for your friends and family.  Why to go with this list for your holiday shopping? Think about it, free shipping & no paper trails- all these gifts can be arranged via e-mail or with a phone call, no regifts or need for craigslist, Non-Things don't require wrapping paper which means no paper cuts, you will avoid bargain hunting injuries, you won't have to worry about finding the right size either, Non-Things make no noise when you shake them, and  most importantly I love all these Non-Things and I know you and your loved ones will love them too.



Julie Dohrman is a phenomenal yoga teacher.  Aside from being my mentor, her classes always infuse my body with alchemy and drive  (i.e., kick asana yoga classes!). For sure one of my favorite teachers ever.  Aside from her public classes, Julie is available for private yoga sessions.  Perfect gift for the consummate yogi in your life.  In these sessions Julie draws from her long history of teaching and helping students recover from injury using healthy, steady alignment and focused action as the pathway to healing.  You will come away with a deepened awareness of your physical and energetic needs for a continued healthy yoga practice.  Sessions are $125 to $175 to learn more or book a session visit her Site.


I have done several Reiki sessions with my dear friend Sonya Connelly and each time I leave feeling reborn and uplifted (can I say a little closer to Baby Jesus?).  Reiki translates from Japanese as "Universal Life Energy."  This energy works on the emotional, physical, mental and spiritual levels.  A session with Sonya will bring you back to your natural state of well being and peace.  Perfect gift for that love one that needs a break.   Call Sonya Connelly at 646-270-0987 to give the gift of Reiki.  A Reiki session lasts 1 hour and for the holidays this exclusive deal is $60 a session or you can give a package that is 3 sessions for $130.


Doodle Bug Photo is my friend's Dana J Serling's solution to capture memories of the little ones.  Dana has the patient of a saint and the photography skills of a brain surgeon.  Book a photo session with Dana for anyone turning into a new parent or pet owner.  Doodle Bug Photos has a $325 for a 90 minute session which includes online gallery viewing and electronic sharing (no need to print!).  To schedule the session, contact Dana via her site.

When I tell you Beatriz Villabona's hands are magical, I not exaggerating a bit.  A Swedish massage session with B and all my muscular aches poof, gone.  Perfect gift for anyone in your list complaining of old aches and pains.  Her sessions start at $80.  To book  a therapy session with Beatriz call 917.657.8283. 

Abhaya Yoga. I do love this yoga studio in Brooklyn.  You can find me her while practicing or teaching on a regular basis.   In Sanskrit the word Abhaya can be translated as fearless (or I translate it as fierce!).   Escape the bustle of the city in this community oriented center where friends can come together to share the great conversation of yoga in a beautiful, supportive environment.  Get your yogi pal a class card or any of the fabulous workshops offered at this great space.  Prices start at $18, contact the ever lovable studio manager Margarita for a full range of options and ideas.

It may be the golden age for television, but I feel the radio podcast Serial is the catalyst for new wave of documentary style entertainment.   Serial is a new podcast from the creators of This American Life, hosted by Sarah Koenig. Serial follows one story - a true story - over the course of a whole season.  Perfect for that nerdy loved one who has it all.  The episodes are available for free and your nerdy friend probably already know about it, but you can donate in his/her name AND now you both will have something to talk about!

Just hang around Heather Petropoulous and you will feel, well, petropouloustic.  Heather can make me feel effervescent even when I am doing laundry!  So I can't think of a better photographer to bring sparks in anyone's eyes.  Heather has this great package deal for anyone in your list in need of a killer headshot.  She calls it Speed Dating- Give her 20 minutes wherever you are for an on the spot mini-shoot and edit session to give your dating site, Facebook or LinkedIn image an upgrade! $50 includes 1 rapid edit photo $75 for 3 rapid edit photos.  Contact Heather at 917-603-3274 or to schedule


I have been teaching at Be True Yoga right from the beginning when Iris Cohen open its doors.  Be True is a multi-traditional yoga studio right in the heart of Westchester in the village of Scarsdale.  The space is as gorgeous as the community of open minded yogis who attend classes.  Be True Yoga has class cards and gift cards available for those loved yogis living in Westchester or weekend adventurers.  Prices start at $25, visit their site to get your yogi groove on.