Do you want to feel great in your body and experience life better?

Then you need to optimize your lifestyle (your expressed consciousness)

  • sleep better

  • eat better

  • meditate

  • exercise

  • take care of your mind

  • take care of your body

  • take care of your home

  • take care of your spirit

Which isn't easy...or you'd already be doing this

This is why I'm leading BETTER YOU: my 10 week program that guarantees 3 outcomes:

  • better + consistent energy

  • better eating

  • deeper awareness of your body

Using the proven methodology from the Worldwide Association of Yoga Health Coaching, you will learn 10 health habits that will shift your perception of life from stress to ease AND you’ll fall in love with your body and your life.  You'll take serious action steps into a better version of yourself.   

How Better You Works

  • You will have access to a student resources hub, where you’ll easily and in an organized way find all the support that is available through the Worlwide Association of Yoga Health Coaches.  Including the the e-book which we’ll use during  the course, an Ayurveda recipe cookbook,  and much, much more.

  • Watch Webinars Weekly + ask me questions on the private forum.

  • Meet for 10 weeks, every week we’ll catch up and you’ll be coached by me to uplevel your lifestyle. You’ll embed the 10 essential habits you need, in order to upgrade your experience of life. You’ll incorporate them into your life.

  • Watch Webinars weekly

  • I will be with you on the forum

  • I will be live with you for a weekly calls to guide you into a better you

  • You will discover the 10 essential habits you need in order to feel amazing

  • You will incorporate these habits into your life


Are you coming with me on this journey?

Let's find out.


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