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~ Principle of cosmic order
~Why I do what I do

I want to help you get your DHARMA aligned with your soul.  This FREE workshop series  is all about clarity and practicality!

We’ll use diverse technologies like Yoga, Ayurveda, Professional Organization, A Course in Miracles and Yoga Health Coaching to design the lifestyle that will help you thrive in your career, creative endeavors and relationships.   

We'll address areas such as

  • Time Management Detox/ Space Decluttering
  • Healthy Habit Forming
  • Mindfulness/Now/Feeling
  • Intention/Goals/Direction    
  • And more…

Join me Saturday, July 21- 3:00 pm                           

At the Greenmarket at the Grand Army Plaza, Prospect Park (meeting point: Brooklyn Public Library) 

INTRO TO PLANT-BASED DIET:   If you want to be nourished deeply and receive abundance, tap into the consciousness of plants. Receive their gifts and give back your care for their protection.  If you have ever asked WHAT SHOULD I BE EATING? this is the field trip for you.  A Plant Based Diet is not about giving up anything, is incorporating PRANA-filled nature into your life.  

Please RSVP to get information about this and future workshops.

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