FREE Workshop: Time Management Detox
 A Holistic Approach to Organization

Sunday April 2nd, 2017 - 3pm to 4 pm
Woon Salon- 85 Hester Street, Upper Level (between Allen & Orchard)


[Listen to Audio  above or read below] 
Time management systems can be very useful, but they can also make us feel guilty and ugly inside. Rather than making room in our day and making us feel free, they can suck all our energy and enslave us into the nothing-is-getting-done-funk!

Does this sound familiar?  The pursuit of balance is stressing you out. You’re aiming for “equal” parts of exercise, home cooking, spiritual development, career, creativity and family tending.  Yet nothing is getting done. Your time management systems could be managing you. You’re not getting what you want from your calendar.

What if your biology contains the clues of what would make things work for your schedules, electronic calendars, paper planners and wall-boards?  The wisdom of yoga, ayurveda and science,  tells us that there are times of the day that are optimal to work on your career, to workout, to have conversation with your family.    

When you’re clear on what are the optimal times to work on your body, on your mind and on your spirit, time management becomes a tool to evolve your wellness.  Time management at the right time can reveal a new you...a Better You.

After years of working with individuals and organizations that just like you want to navigate with ease their daily lives/operations, I’ve designed a special workshop to address your  time management problems.  Using engineering technology, ayurveda, yoga, and practical health coaching techniques we’re gonna get your calendar thriving.

You’ll leave this workshop with simple, practical and fun time management tools to create a lean, mean and organized calendar.

This is probably the only time I’m offering this workshop for FREE.  If you are ready to be on track to feeling at peace with your calendar, RSVP.  Go ahead do it!