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3 steps to start your day feeling refreshed and energized

If you are tired of waking up foggy, tired and in a bad mood, I got you.  In this FREE workshop I’ll give you concrete information and specific tool to shift the way you feel in the mornings.  No more excuses of why you can’t workout in the mornings, why you are always in a rush, why you are yelling at everyone around you or why you aren't looking your radiant self.

you will learn

  • how to connect with your body’s wisdom and its natural rhythm
  • specific science-based techniques that promote restful sleeping
  • nutritional tools that will revamp your energy level
  • exactly what you need to do to begin your day feeling optimistic and positive

+ surprise bonuses, free gifts, cool new friends & more!

Event hosted at the gorgeous WOON SALON located 85 Hester Street, Upper Level


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